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My Newspaper

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Shakepearean sonnets

SONNET 130 1) The theme: Beauty and depends on each person/ is subjetive. The tone: Romantic/honest/funny. 2) Methaphor :” If hears be wires,black wires grow on her head”. Similie: “Coral is far more read than her lips’ red”. 3) Shakepeare … Sigue leyendo

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History Mid-Year Test

History Mid Term Exam Dear kiddies, Last year,the end-of-the-year test was a take-home exam and you did very well. You prepared a topic on your own, using google drive  and you showed you can read and understand and also make … Sigue leyendo

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Welcome Back!

Dear Junior 7,   Welcome back! We had been waiting for you! We have prepared this very special year for you, the last in primary school,  with lots of enthusiasm. We can’t wait to get started! Here’s our wish for … Sigue leyendo

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Final History Test: December 7

  Kidies Here the exam in another format so you can download it. j6-2016-final-history-exam List of links to consult:

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The battle of Agincourt

THE BATTLE OF THE 100 YEARS 1- Most of the English troops (about 80%) were archers armed with English longbows. The English army managed to secure a position flanked by forest on both sides. This meant that a French cavalry … Sigue leyendo

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Luki, Mati H , Fede, Santi G

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A hundred years of war

By Clari,Mori,Elo

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The Middle Ages

We have been working in the 100 years war.

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