Biology’s Activities

Our Biology teacher told us to read and make 3 activities. Here’s my results:

Act. 1: The differences between a living and a non-living thing is that living things can grow for themselves, non-living things cannot.

In the picture we can see that there’s non-living things like metal, wood and their own house, a bag, the rock they are sat down on and the kettle.

The living things that can be seen are the dogs, the trees, the fire, the persons and the grass.



Act. 2: As the car needs fuel to run, humans need food and water to run.

Acar is not a living organism because it doesn’t have the characteristics that things need to be a living thing. A car is made out of metal, plastic and it doesn’t have to be watered or eat food to work, it only needs fuel (it needs water but not the normal water).




Act. 3: 1, A) respiration

B) Animals Only

C) Photosynthesis

D) Irritability and Movement



A) Organisms

B) Excretion

C) Reproduction

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