Welcome to the climate action project!

Our climate is changing! This is not a hoax! For this inspiring global project 250 schools over 69 countries will collaborate on climate change topics.

Students from across six different continents will conduct research, brainstorm and discuss ideas, present and share their findings about these topics via videos and online presentations.

Click on the link below to know everything about the project.


In order to be better global citizens, students need to tackle big questions. Real world problem-solving and innovation skills are vital for being an active participant in the 21st Century.


WEEK 1: Introduction: What is climate change? Causes and effects.

Click on week 1 and take a look at the presentation!


WEEK 2: How does climate change affect Argentina?

Click on week 2 and take a look at our work.


WEEK 3: Climate change solutions.

Click on week 3 and don´t miss María Murmis´interview by J7!

Thanks for being part of this project!

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