Shakespearean Sonnets

The theme of sonnet 18 is that the girl is even better than a summer day and he will love her forever. The tone is romantic and positive. A metaphor in the poem is “the eye of Heaven”, it is a comparison to the sun. The couplet is that he will love her forever and will be eternally beautiful. We chose this image because this summer day is almost perfect and Shakespeare says the girl is more perfect.

The theme of Sonnet 130 is that beauty is subjective. The tone is romantic, honest and “funny”. A simile in the poem is “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun” is a comparison to the girl’s eyes. The couplet is that he will love even though she isn’t physically beautiful. We chose this picture because the girl is drawed as Shakespeare described her.

We prefer the second poem because  even though she is not that pretty he likes how she is inside.

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