History Mid-Year Test

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History Mid Term Exam

Dear kiddies,

Last year,the end-of-the-year test was a take-home exam and you did very well.

You prepared a topic on your own, using google drive  and you showed you can read and understand and also make reflections by yourself!

This year, you are going to work on another topic, which we have not seen in class, and you will prepare a presentation using google presentations.

Pay attention to my questions and the requirements for the test. Of course, you don´t need to copy questions in your presentations, just deal with the topics.

If you have questions, send an email to me (do not ask questions in class)

The French Revolution

  1. When did the revolution happen? (1 slide)
  2. What were the causes of the revolution? Include minimum 3 reasonsfor the French to rebel (2-3 slides)
  3. How was society divided? (The French Estates) (2 slides)
  4. Describe France in times of revolution. What did the King decide to do? (1 slide)
  5. What happened to the King and his wife? (1 slide)
  6. Reign of Terror. Explain what this term refers to. How long did it last? (1 slide)
  7. Giving your opinion. Do you think the French were right to rebel? What is your opinion about how society reacted? Do you believe the end of the King was something he deserved? (1-2 slides)

Use some of the following phrases:

I agree with …          I feel that …

I have no doubt that / I’m certain that …     I strongly believe that …

I’ve never really thought about this before, but …

My personal opinion is that / Personally, my opinion is that …

As far as I know, …         I agree with the opinion of …

I could be wrong, but …             I’m absolutely certain that …

I’m positive that …              I’m pretty sure that …

It’s a complicated/difficult issue, but …

My (point of) view (on this) is …                   Obviously, …


  1. Napoleon Bonaparte. Who was he? How long did he rule France? What happened under his rule? (2 slides)
  2. Write your conclusion on the topic. Include the good and bad points about everything that happened. (1 slide)
  3. Glossary. Include new words you have learnt.

Get information from the following pages:









-Respect the number of slides

-DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! Use your own words

-Use a final slide for a glossary of new words.

-Include sources (potos and documents)

-Share your presentation with me: pat.chujman@lascumbres.edu.ar

-Submit your exam on July 12.

Get down to work!!

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